The Best Things To Do in Victoria with Kids

August 29, 2019

As one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria has a historical feel with a modern twist. Adorned with colonial architecture, it’s not surprising that the city of Victoria, often labelled the ‘’Garden City’’ for its lush blooms, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

From Humpbacks to Hornets, Victoria is packed full of treasures and activities to keep you and your little ones engaged. We’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s offerings that are entertaining for the entire family:


Whale Watching



It’s hard to think of whale watching without Victoria springing to mind. The whale watching industry in Victoria attracts thousands of tourists and researchers every year, making it a haven for some of the most magnificent mammals in the world! At Prince of Whales Whale & Marine Wildlife Adventures, we want to share the majesty of the marine wildlife with you and inspire you to become a passionate steward of the sea. Not only can you encounter a spectacular array of whale species including Humpbacks, Orcas and Minke whales on our tours but we’re also known for our other mammal sightings such as Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Otters and Porpoises. As keen educators… and entertainers (or so we like to think!), this will be an adventure you won’t forget!

Top Tip: Dress warmly with lots of layers! Whether it’s the sunniest day of the year or it’s raining cats and dogs, it gets quite chilly out on the open water and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.



Victoria Bug Zoo

If you are still thirsty for more critters after your whale watching adventure, then the Victoria Bug Zoo is a great choice for you! Visit the amazing world of insects, arachnids and their many-legged friends. This zoo should definitely be on your must-see list as you will discover 50 different species of tropical bugs. All bugs are alive, but you can choose the level of interaction that you are most comfortable with. Whether you encounter glow-in-the-dark scorpions or hairy tarantulas, the handling experience is great for all ages.

Top Tip: Bug kits are available for week-long rentals from the zoo. Each kit comes with detailed information about each bug and includes interactive activities.



Miniature World

With over 85 miniature dioramas and displays, your visit to Miniature World (also known as the greatest little show on earth) will fill you with wonder. Picture yourself suddenly becoming a giant amongst the tiniest of villages that you can imagine! Let your mind run free as you explore the awe-inspiring mini castles, the enchanting fantasyland and the world of dollhouses. You will adore these incredible displays every bit as much as the kids.

Top Tip: Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas are great times to visit Miniature World. They will often hold themed treasure hunts around these festive periods and your family will have a ton of fun trying to track down all of the miniature pumpkins or Santas. Find all the Santas and win an annual pass for the following year!



Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum is one of British Columbia’s most significant cultural treasures. This renowned museum is packed full of artifacts and specimens of BC’s natural and human history. Step back in time and explore the social and environmental history that BC has to offer, while enjoying the current exhibitions such as Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises and the Native Plant Garden. The Royal BC Museum also hosts family sleepovers which has made for some great after-hours adventures! Cozy up to the Dinosaurs and Penguins for the night as you enjoy an evening of stargazing and entertaining IMAX movies.

Top Tip: The IMAX movie theatre is located in the same building as the Royal BC Museum and usually has showings that often correspond to the main exhibit in the museum.



Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

A favourite for children of all ages, the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, located in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, aims to bring farm life to the city. This popular attraction allows its guests to encounter farm animals up close and even pet them if they wish! This farm has a lot to offer, from goats to pigs to donkeys and everything in between.

Top Tip: The wildly popular (and equally adorable) goat stampede happens daily at 10.10am and 5.10pm.