From humble beginnings

We want to share the majesty of our marine life with you—but it’s more than that. We’re ardent stewards of the sea, conservationists who have placed orcas and humpback whales on the same pedestal as your experience since our humble beginnings.

So, when you’re on the water with us, you’ll feel the pulse of passion that flows through each of us. You’ll learn why we love the Salish Sea and these whales—and you may just step ashore a bit more passionate about protecting our marine life, too.


With 14 boats, tours departing from Vancouver, Victoria, Telegraph Cove and Seattle, and 100+ staff in peak season, we are the largest family-owned whale-watching and eco-adventure company in BC and a proud leader in responsible whale watching, research and education.


Prince of Whales is invited to Northern Vancouver Island to continue a 40 year old tradition of responsible whale watching in Johnstone Strait from Telegraph Cove Resort with the Ocean Magic II. Salish Sea Eclipse begins operating Half-Day Whale Watching Tours from Victoria.


Thanks to the success of Salish Sea Dream, we begin construction on a sister ship, Salish Sea Eclipse, our second catamaran.


Three years after blueprints landed on Alan’s desk, we complete the construction of Salish Sea Dream, our 95-passenger catamaran and largest boat. She sails her maiden voyage to Victoria.


We heighten our environmental commitment and join 1% for the Planet, contributing at least 1% of our revenues to organizations that align with our values and conservation efforts. Our Granville Island retail store opens, selling West Coast souvenirs for whale watchers, tourists and locals alike. We’re awarded the Tourism Vancouver Island Power of Partners award for the collaborative tours and unparalleled experiences we offer with The Butchart Gardens and CVS Tours.


We launch our sister company, Sea Vancouver, offering waterfront sightseeing adventures aboard zodiacs, to and from the convenience of Vancouver’s downtown harbour.


The Ultimate Day Tour, our signature adventure for guests in Vancouver, is recognized as a Canadian Signature Experience. (We humbly agree.)


We begin sailing to The Butchart Gardens, the first (and only) whale watching tour operator to offer an unforgettable adventure between Vancouver, Victoria, and The Gardens.


We begin sailing Ocean Magic to and from Vancouver and Victoria, expanding the whale-watching tours and seafaring adventures we offer our guests.


Thanks to the success of the original Ocean Magic, we build a sister ship, Ocean Magic II, our second cruiser.


We migrate to Vancouver, opening a second location from the Westin Bayshore Hotel. With increasing demand, we design and build our first cruiser, Ocean Magic.


We design and build the first zodiac-style Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat especially for Prince of Whales and the Salish Sea waters with Canadian boat titans, Titan Boats.

Your adventure awaits

Step aboard our seafaring classrooms in search of orcas, humpback whales, and the thrill of the ride!

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